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When Butker missed a few attempts…

2022.01.24 01:46 Sarkosuchus When Butker missed a few attempts…

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2022.01.24 01:46 fantasyman1-13AS Fantasy Drag Race US S04 EP03 Results/EP04 Vote

The results for the lip sync are in!
Brita wins her second lip sync of the season, and RuPaul declares her season 4's first lip sync assassin. Robbie Turner, on the other hand, sashays away in 11th place.
This week, in two teams, the queens star in two different episodes of a sitcom. Brita (last week's bottom queen) and Elektra Shock (last week's top queen) are declared the team captains.
TEAM BRITA: Brita, Ella Vaday, Kennedy Davenport, Suki Doll, Blair St. Clair
TEAM ELEKTRA: Elektra Shock, Sister Sister, Jessica Wild, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Tatianna
The runway theme is television premiere.
Here is the link to vote:
Here are the current track records:
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2022.01.24 01:46 Artismypassion4evr American Dream, Me!, Oil + Sculpture on Canvas, 2021

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2022.01.24 01:46 ilovepaprika2475 [LF] Squirtle, Shield Exclusives [FT] Bulbasaur, Sword Exclusives, Ask

Hey guys! As the title says, I’m looking for Squirtle and Shield exclusives. Could just be touchbacks if it doesn’t evolve! Just trying to complete the Pokédex :)
Im willing to offer up Bulbasaur or Sword Exclusives, or I can try to get something else you’re interested in. Just let me know!
Thank you!!
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2022.01.24 01:46 will-anybody-talk 21M [Friendship] I’m never gonna sleep like a normal person.

Hiii alllll, does anyone else just feel better during the night time? Nobody’s around to bother ya, I can go for a walk without worrying about shit, it’s just wayyy more peaceful. Especially as someone who’s rather antisocial!
But I’m definitely trying to break out of that rut. I’ll also say that I’m not socially fucking stupid, I know how to act; I know how to interact with people, I just tend to be introverted. So don’t worry about me being crazy awkward, that’s not really me. Although I don’t mind awkward people, they’re usually most fun to talk to :)
Depending on the day and who I’m talking to I can be somewhat insightful or painfully childish. I think it’s really up to the person I’m interacting with, if you wanna be serious then I love to have those chats because I feel like if you don’t talk about serious topics every now and then, you’ll never learn too much about the person you’re talking to.
Also, I love music, I chose playing the guitar as my career path and I have no regrets.... although it’s a bitch when you’re just starting out 😅 If you like to talk about or share music I’m always up for that. I like playing games on steam too. My taste in movies however, that shits so outdated my favorite one is still the first SpongeBob movie.
Thank you for reading.
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2022.01.24 01:46 nightshade1011 Answer these questions.

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2022.01.24 01:46 josh123z Greg has predicted NFTs long before. And also the author has replied to this tweet ➡️

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2022.01.24 01:46 Cheomesh Do these nubs mean anything?

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2022.01.24 01:46 TJScofield1187 Where is your comfort level?

Even though I feel comfortable being nude in the open shower when I visit the Y, I’m still taking smaller steps at the Planet Fitness (where the clientele seems less open to showers, changing, or nudity if any kind) where I’m a member. So I’m curious, when it comes to walking to and from your shower and locker what is your habit or comfort level? (And if you choose no coverage at all, which is my end goal, how do you dry off? Do you just take a towel with you and carry it? Take a small hand towel to do half the job at the shower? Or do you just drip wet back to your locker and dry off there? Leave that answer in the comments.)
View Poll
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2022.01.24 01:46 ClashRoyalemcfan EM killed me

You mom is booty scratcher
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2022.01.24 01:46 m3rks_ Are these AF1’s real? 11.5

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2022.01.24 01:46 FloppyFence Close up on Yung Gravy

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2022.01.24 01:46 axes_and_asses F36 want some?

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2022.01.24 01:46 wehappy3 Website owners of Reddit, how often do you actually get people to subscribe to your newsletter using those irritating pop-overs on your site?

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2022.01.24 01:45 DickNervous Genius Pro: filament gets stuck for no apparent reason

I have a Genius Pro that I got less than a week ago. Once I got it setup and dialed in it has printed wonderfully, for about 5 days. Then all of a sudden I have had several prints fail because the filament seems to get stuck for no apparent reason.
First thing I checked if the spool, but it is fine. Not tangles and feeds fine. When I unload the filament there is a "dent" in it where the gear was turning, but the filament wasn't moving. I though maybe the nozzle was clogged, and checked that, but nothing is wrong. Matter of fact if I just clip off the end of the filament and load it back in it feeds just fine.
I have tried changing the temperature, thinking it might not be high enough and something is clogging up the nozzle, but that has not helped.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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2022.01.24 01:45 notallgoldglitters How do you even explain the True Presence?

I just got back from a Protestant service where they talked about the Last Supper and the "eat my flesh" part specifically. The pastor focused on symbolism and metaphors and how Jesus "spiritually feeds our souls". He said the Last Supper is important because Jesus invites us to the table. How do I even start to explain to my friends when they ask that for Catholics communion is not in fact symbolic at all? How do I wrestle with my own doubts about this?
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2022.01.24 01:45 collander810 [NG][co-op][BL 79][Upper Cathedral Ward]

Haven't done the area in a while and am forgetful would love to hang and explore and hoooooont! Feel free to PM if you wish
password: sesh
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2022.01.24 01:45 gongaIicious lyric art for I'll Know

physically typed on an old typewriter and digitally painted. based on the visualizer for the song on Spotify :)
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2022.01.24 01:45 Tropical-Rainforest In the current mainline comics, who was the first character to use the word mutant?

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2022.01.24 01:45 reaperxbeast Jo bhi ye sub me roleplaying karte hai comments me har jagah shitposting karte hai aur irony ke naam pe cringe failate hai

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2022.01.24 01:45 Zakuro51 I'm not skinny...

...I'm just aerodynamically designed.
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2022.01.24 01:45 TheZenith123 Loot token mod

I know about the loot token mod imkSushi made, but all his mods are called imkSushi's mod so I have no idea which one is the one for loot tokens. Can it be downloaded straight off tmodloader? And whats the name? With caps and everything.
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2022.01.24 01:45 DodgyStyle74 Bought this in Kiev in spring, 2015

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2022.01.24 01:45 Crescentineprince Uh, I think you got the wrong number...

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2022.01.24 01:45 parallelsord Fucking a check young 20 year from Bronx ny

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