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Can you see your lymph nodes?

2022.01.24 01:15 michellem926 Can you see your lymph nodes?

Just wondering if you guys can see your swollen lymph nodes? Mine is in my neck and I can only see it if I turn my head but it still freaks me out. I just want it to go away
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2022.01.24 01:15 Soulborg87 WIP Unyielding Iron update. This God engin is taking a bit but slowly coming along. Focused on the legs as well as debased it so I could work better.

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2022.01.24 01:15 mavck Chances of Expert Mouse or SlimBlade to get updated?

I am asking because of the recent miracle of the wireless Orbit w/scroll ring.
I would like to buy either, but as you know, paying full price for something that then gets updated sucks.
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2022.01.24 01:15 Sardonic_7 Inked Jamines Chapter 5

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2022.01.24 01:15 hoppingcats What's your guys perspective and/or experience with enneagram 5's

I just want to know if you've had any bad experiences with them and what you think may be common bad attributes that could be worked on if there us any and or your perceptions of them
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Who deserved their ass whooping the most?
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2022.01.24 01:15 ohsopoor one time i posted the word corn and now this sub has become a conquest driven food based war game

i don’t even know what’s going on anymore. i genuinely am not smart enough for this.
just no one be like racist or homophobic or anything like that. those are your rules. have fun y’all
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2022.01.24 01:15 Fishiestpotatoes Do family medicine doctors still have to go to yearly check ups with another doctor or can they do it themselves?

Idk why i thought of this but I’m genuinely curious
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2022.01.24 01:15 carmolding advice and tips for these guys?

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2022.01.24 01:15 Motor-Ad-8858 Hong Kong says civil servants to work from home as much as possible as COVID spreads

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2022.01.24 01:15 Southern-Ad3730 Keep 3080FTW3 or 3080XC3

So ended up with a 3080FTW3 and a 3090XC3. Trying to decise which one I should keep. Not certain if the 3090 is worth it and it has almost zero overclocking headroom. Any opinions on this?
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2022.01.24 01:15 galaxymorgan Trade Room!

Wish list in comments, also open to looking at your trade lists :)
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2022.01.24 01:15 KolozegOrg Is It Already Too Late To Say Goodbye? - Jonathan Cook

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2022.01.24 01:15 papamajama Wrote a post for r/relationships but looks like I'm posting it here instead

TL;DR at bottom. Was starting to write this post to ask for advice but I kept writing and it got pretty long.
My wife and I have been married for 20 years and we have 3 children ranging between 11 and 17. I am a survivor of childhood trauma and have dealt with depression, anxiety and ptsd from abandonment for the majority of my life. For the first 12 years of our marriage I worked in a rather thankless management job that payed fairly well. An opportunity arose 8 years ago that resulted in me quitting and staying home with the kids so my wife could return to school and get another degree that would ultimately result in a pretty high paying job. I was able to be a SAHD and took to the role pretty well. 8 years later we are living somewhat comfortably because of my wife's new career. I do part time work, since the kids are older now, and even though we still have problems like everyone else, I am actually pretty happy in life. My wife works 40hwk and I stay home, take the kids to and from school, do most of the cleaning and cooking, all maintenance around the home, walk and feed the pets, do the shopping and then still work up to 20hrs a week at a business I have created with my own hands. My wife does assist with the household duties for the most part when she is home.
About 4 months ago my wife approached me about a comment I made about watching her have sex with someone else. At the time, it was just a remark a man might say to be funny and not thinking his wife would take him seriously, but it started a conversation that ended up with her talking about how she thought it would be really hot and fun to open up our marriage. I immediately let my penis take control of my brain and thought I was on board.
We started doing the dating app thing and within 3 days she had 500+ likes or whatever and I had zero. She scheduled a date right away and I was not feeling super excited about the lack of anything on my end, and my depression and abandonment issues started creeping up and I asked her if we could just hit pause on the date for a minute and talk about the feelings I had. This was literally 3 days after having the initial conversation, where before I had never considered an open marriage. We had talked about communication (which we had great of) and each others feelings, so I felt within my right to ask her to pause the date just so we could talk first, but she blew up at me talking about how I knew I wouldn't go through with it, and she knew I wasn't going to let her have this and on and on. She did not go on the date and we talked (one of the big things i spoke to her about was wanting to see a marriage counselor because we needed to make sure that our foundation was strong before going too far into open marriage territory. She agreed, as long as the counselor was an "open marriage " counselor, so I took that as a compromise and felt better). She ended up going on the date a few days later. She asked if she could kiss if she was comfortable and I gave my approval. After she got back from her date she acted weird, but it was just because it was her 1st date in 20yrs and she did kiss the guy and she felt weird about it. I understood completely and that was that.
All along this time, I had noticed her texting with several guys. I asked her about them and besides the guy she met on an app, she said the others were just friends...one she knew from high school, one she used to work with Years ago. It was a little odd as we had been together for 20 years and I had never once heard a mention of these guys, but I knew we were trying the open marriage and conversations with different men were going to happen. The thing is, my wife's behavior had become increasingly elusive and distant. She is constantly on her phone...when I walk in she does the quick finish up text and puts the phone upside down. She will be across the room with her thumbs flying on a text, she started just going to the store for one stupid thing...and these are behaviors she did not show weeks before and it was making me uneasy.
One night her phone was sitting next to me and it buzzed and happened to be face up and I see the name of one of the "old friends" and the first line of the text saying something that sounds sexual and without thinking too much about it (after 20 years of marriage, one of us looking at another person's phone is not uncommon) I opened her phone, clicked on the text and just did a scroll and I find that she sent this guy topless photos (something she would Never do before). It turns out this guy is an "artist" and he paints women's breasts and asked for a picture of my wife's breasts and she wanted to do it so did it. She had actually asked me about it sometime before and I was initially against it bc I thought it just sounded like some dude trying to get tit pics. My wife was serious about it so I said that if this guy was a legit serious artist and that's what this was about, I would like to meet him and see what it is all about for myself. I am a bit of an artist so can appreciate all types of art. My wife was like, OK, fine, and sort of ended the conversation. I forgot about it until I found the topless pics on her phone.
I approached her about what I found and let her know that the reason I looked at her phone was because her behavior lately was telling me that she was hiding something. She blew up on me again about snooping on her phone and she couldn't trust me and by the next day the whole argument had evolved into her leaving her phone by me on purpose to see if I would snoop and find the pics and she set me up and she knew she was right and she can't trust me. This coincided with the conversation about the dates and counseling and somehow it ended with me feeling better about things and understanding more of her desire of a FWB.
My wife went on a 2nd date with the app guy, with nothing changing on our end as far as what was allowed or not. After talking to her afterwards it turned out she went back to his place and made out. We never talked about making out or going to people's houses (I immediately felt that was a safety concern considering I had no idea who she was with), so of course I was hurt and felt that she took advantage of the situation and my insecurities probably pushed her away even more.
At this point she was ready to fuck this guy and, being new to this, thought I should meet him. He was OK with it apparently and so was my wife. I asked that we hold off until after the holidays bc I wanted to focus on Xmas and family (this was the week before Christmas). It was as late as 2 days before Xmas that my wife was still asking when it was going to happen because she wanted to bang him so bad.
It must not have been too bad because by Xmas eve the guy from the app was old news and there was a new guy from an app. I only realized it when I looked over her shoulder during the online Xmas church ceremony we were doing at home as a family and saw her having an exciting text conversation with some new guy.
I didn't care that it was a different guy but I was pissed that she was literally texting back and forth with some dude on Xmas eve, sitting next to our kids, practically in church. I didn't ruin the holiday but did let her know that I was not happy or feel good about it.
I had been asking that we sit down and actually write out some rules and she had not been too enthusiastic about it (too many rules will make things less fun/harder) but we finally sat down and wrote some out.
After the holidays were over I managed to get a date of my own! She was nice and sweet and honestly the only person that I actually had a serious conversation with from any of the online dating that had been going on now for like 3 months, so wasn't exactly chosen from a pool of candidates. We talked and I kissed her goodbye and it was nice. She lived over an hour away, so it was not convenient to see her and my wife brought up the point that we shouldn't be seeing people who are not in the same situation as us (this woman was divorced with kids) so there is less chance of unrequited feelings to surface. (Turns out the guy she is now talking to is a 20 year veteran to polyamory and is going to mentor my wife in the world and also has a woman that he has as some sort of slave that gets led around by a leash and eats out of a dog bowl. I am not joking nor judging, just painting the picture of my wife who has never smoked or done drugs and never even said the word Fuck until she was 21 years old).
My wife went out with this guy once and liked him so asked that if she was comfortable could she have sex with him. I agreed because my wife turns me on and makes me horny and seeing her so excited made me so excited and I trusted her and knew it was just a friend to fuck. She went out with him and texted me later saying she was so horny and wanted to fuck this guy right now (they were at a museum). I was at home and immediately got horny and was like he'll yeah, and she sent me pics of them fucking in a changing room and it was so hot and later she came home and we had sex and it was really great for both of us.
Throughout this time the only connection I had was the 1 date that didn't really go anywhere but I had begun talking with someone that lived close by and she seemed really great. We were having good conversations and she was in an open marriage and we were talking every day with plans to meet for coffee on the calendar. I was pretty excited about meeting this woman but then after talking for over a week she got cold feet the morning we were going to meet. I got depressed because now we were going on 4 months and I felt like I was exactly where I started and nobody wanted me (I understand that a married man in an open marriage is probably the lowest on the dating app totem pole) and I still had this feeling like my wife was pulling away from me and I am already always sad through the holidays and my depression easily worsens in the winter.....
The next week my wife went out on her date which happened to be a day some work of mine got canceled. I was already sad and now I had to fill my day while my wife was out doing who knows what. She started getting ready at 9am so I left her to it and went out to try and keep busy. She was out until 3 and had to work later so had to sleep which meant that I wouldn't get to spend any time with her on her "day off" so, being the person that I am, felt that I needed to tell her how I was feeling. Of course that ended up with her pissed at me because I couldn't even let her have 6 hours away without making her feel bad and we ended up upset and having an argument where she came out and said that she does not find me attractive and she has never been sexually attracted to me and she only married me because she felt like she needed to get married and I checked most of the boxes and she loves me but isn't in love with me, and would leave me if not for the kids, and she just connects with people and I don't, but she doesn't connect with me and now that we are where we are, cannot continue being married to me without having an open marriage and having sexual relationships with other men.
I was and am devastated. I have loved my wife and do love my wife. I have given her all I have to give and it apparently was never enough and would never be enough. I have given her opportunity and asked her to try and write down how she is feeling and where we stand so I can understand, but she has not really done anything there and has not wavered on her statement of never being sexually attracted to me (I am not a model but have never considered myself unattractive so for her to say NEVER been attracted to me just hurts so bad.)
Coincidentally and luckily we had a scheduled marriage counselor to meet with the following week and she agreed to no more dating while we figure things out because she doesn't want a divorce. The counseling went as expected as a first visit, but it was good conversation. I said in counseling, when asked, if I wanted all contact with other men be stopped and I said that, yes, I do not want my wife who is not attracted to me to be having contact with other men while we work on our marriage. If I can accept the facts (she says that nothing has changed bc she has felt like this so long) and this is the beginning of a future polyamorous relationship, than so be it but we need to figure out us first before we introduce other people and relationships. The counselor agreed, or so I interpreted, and my wife did not say she was going to keep contact with these guys she is texting and seeing, so when we went home we had a long conversation about being together or getting divorced and all of the options and we decided that our marriage was fixable, that there actually used to be a spark and we needed to try to find that again and we would not be making any decisions right away but would be working on us....whatever that meant.
Later that night I notice her texting like her life depended on it and I hoped she was telling her boyfriends (yes, apparently she began talking to some other guy who she called a boy toy and I found that she was sexting with him the day before we went to counseling) that she was going to be on hiatus for a bit while she worked on her marriage....but she was still doing the texting thing the following night so I asked her if she was still texting with these guys and she said yes, that she never agreed to stop and she did not leave the counselor with the idea that we reached a decision on stopping all contact.
Much of this behavior is just not like her. I understand people grow and change, but she even drove home drunk the other night and she would Never in her life do that before. She has always been super responsible but drunk driving, sexting and sending nudes behind my back, NEVER finding me attractive coming out of nowhere, the nudes she sent me were taken with the guys phone so now she has nude pictures out there.....it is all so sudden and now I'm not sure if I should just walk away or have concern that there is something happening medically/mentally. She is going to see a counselor for herself (it had to be a poly friendly counselor so I'm not sure if she is just looking for confirmation bias ?), which I am happy about. I am sure I could stand to make contact with a counselor again as well.
I am now writing a day later after not posting what has already been written. My wife and I talked today and I have been reading the writing on the wall so I finally got it out of her today. She told me she wants a divorce. She has these ideas that she will be able to keep the house and the kids and I can find a close apartment and we can have dinners together and I'll still come to Thanksgiving etc. (The only family that I really have is her family). I am feeling so very numb right now. I have been out of the workforce for 8 years and now I'm supposed to go find a job and get an apartment and start over, at the lowest time in my life? I really don't know what I am going to do.
Tl;Dr- Wife of 20 years opens happy marriage for excitement and 4 months later claims she has never been sexually attracted to me and cannot continue being married unless she can have outside, sexual relationships and has now asked for a divorce.
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