Canadian Charities Are Funding Israeli Apartheid

2022.01.24 00:27 flufffer Canadian Charities Are Funding Israeli Apartheid

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2022.01.24 00:27 JustArkThings [PC SERVER] [Steam] Just Ark Things 3xT/XP/H/10xB NoWipe/PVP/ORP/Shop New Player Protection!

[PC SERVER] [Steam] Just Ark Things 3xT/XP/H/10xB NoWipe/PVP/ORP/Shop New Player Protection! Discord:
Story: Just Ark Things is looking to have long term community driven PvP that mirrors official ark in only not wiping. To help new players get their feet under them on a No Wipe server we have 5 days of New Player Protection keeping your things safe and unraidable. We also have a variety of plugins that circumvent a lot of unfair raiding measures, ORP so you can have a life, and Raid Balancer leveling the playing field for the smaller tribes. We are just starting, but as population grows so will our cluster! We have Ragnarok as a main map, and a rotating second map. Our shop offers a wide variety of things and is growing daily. We hope to see you soaking our turrets soon!
Quick Details:
  • No Wipe PvP
  • 6-Man Tribes
  • ORP + 5 Days New Player Protection
  • Slightly Boosted PlayeTame Stats
  • Boosted Breeding/Reduced Cooldowns
  • Faster Flyers
  • Post-Raid Protection
  • Permanent: Ragnarok: steam://connect/ Island: steam://connect/
  • Rotating: Gen 2: steam://connect/ Ext: steam://connect/
  • 3x Tame
  • 10x Breed (Mating Cool Down Reduced)
  • 3x XP
  • 3x Gather
  • 2x Crop Growth(Decay Reduced)
  • Player Health x2
  • Player Stamina x2
  • Player Oxygen x2
  • Player Weight x5
  • Player Melee Dmg x2
  • Player Fortitude x2
  • Tame Stamina x2
  • Tame Weight x3
  • Tame Speed x2(Land Only)
  • S+
  • Dino Storage v2
  • HG Stacking 1000-50
  • TCs Auto Rewards
  • Kraken's Better Dinos
  • Awesome Spyglass
  • Better Spawn Distribution(Better level spawns to all maps, similar to Ragnarok)
  • Kals Engrams(Auto Engram Unlocker, Boss Needed For Tek)
  • Kals Reuseables(Turns Vanilla items into reuseable, i.e grappling hook, parachute+more)
  • Kals Solo Farm(Allows overweight carried tames to still swing, solo farming)
  • Kals Spyglass(Enhances Vanilla Spyglass, choice between awesome and this)
  • Lethal ORP(Offline Raid Protection good for 5 days, punishes things like combat loggin)
  • New Player Protection(Gives new survivors 5 days free from raiding)
  • No Wander(Turns wander off claimed babies, puts on passive, customizable per tribe)
  • Private Message(Send anyone online a message, keep trade spots secret from ambushes)
  • PvP Cooldowns(Blocks certain commands or actions while flagged for PvP, i.e popcorning, uploading)
  • PvP+(Prevents actions like placing C4 on friendly structure to damage enemy base from safety)
  • PvP+(Also prevents meshing turrets, and keeps Floating Damage Text in tribe ONLY view)
  • Tribe Enforcer(Forces tribe on all players, keeps tribes together across cluster)
  • Vote Rewards(Vote, get rewarded with an ARc bar worth 50 points for the shop)
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2022.01.24 00:27 yvrdesign Weird black bump? Mole? Melanoma? Ingrown hair? I have lots of other moles/beauty marks but this spot looks so different

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2022.01.24 00:27 kaceymusgays Tour Spoiler: opening number

I’ve seen a few videos of Kacey performing star-crossed while the heart lights on fire behind her, but then I saw some (diff city) where it appeared to not be there? Did she only do this for her opening night?
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2022.01.24 00:27 snacksize1 28f one month postpartum and starting to feel good!

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2022.01.24 00:27 Making_Money_Now_1 Aduro's Third-Party Validation explained

Coverage by StockFam this weekend: "Aduro reached its first major milestone this past week, achieving 3rd-party validation.
So what does that mean?
It has long been known that Hydrochemolytic:tm: chemical conversion technology (HCT) works in laboratories, but the key to the process -the key to everything- is proving the viability of the technology on a continuous flow basis. The essential question has always been “Can HCT operate in a continuous flow and therefore be commercially viable?” According to Dr. Paul Charpentier, an independent expert in chemistry and alternative energy applications, the answer is yes, it can.
“Aduro was able to demonstrate upgrading of Bitumen on a flow-through reactor in a controlled laboratory environment and therefore meet the objectives of the First Milestone”
Alberta bitumen, flowing continuously through the R2 reactor, was upgraded to lighter crude. The benefits are numerous for future clients, as the process improves viscosity, density, and market value, while also reducing capital costs.
Ofer Vicus (Founder & CEO) and Abe Dyck (VP of Strategy & Business Development) sat down with StockFam to discuss this first milestone and its timeliness.
3rd Party Validation | Aduro Clean Technologies | $ACT $ACTHF:
Mr. Vicus and his team had given the company 24 months from public listing (early 2021) to reach third-party validation, and with the milestone coming well ahead of schedule, he pointed to 2022 as a year with several other major developments.
Potential customers are continuing to engage with the company, from smaller companies all the way to international organizations, including a Middle Eastern firm. The next steps to full commercialization will come in the establishment of pilot plants. The market for bitumen upgrading technology is expected to be very strong, particularly in Canada, with the largest oil sands companies pledging to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.
However, it appears to be Aduro’s Hydrochemylitic Plastics Upcycling (HPU) that may be the first out of the gate, and the most in demand. The global struggle against plastics pollution has become more widely recognized in recent years, yet the problem continues, with only 9% of all plastic being recycled.
Two million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide and some reports suggest there may be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. It is expected that an HPU pilot plant will be finished in 2022, which would become the gateway to future commercialization. As it stands, Mr. Vicus mentioned that he already fields more requests from potential clients than he can handle.
The world is moving towards a cleaner carbon footprint and major industries are getting on board, searching for solutions that not only make their processes cleaner, but also more efficient and cost-effective.
Aduro has just reached the first milestone in proving it can provide both!"
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2022.01.24 00:27 aljeant For good offers. Need lower tier neon legs

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2022.01.24 00:27 anqel103 Art improvement :)

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2022.01.24 00:27 thatkeltonguy while i know they are incredibly popular and beloved by fans, it may be time for the NFL to consider changing its overtime rules

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2022.01.24 00:27 NoMobilebomb Does anyone have Dobie in boxes whiling to pay bells.

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2022.01.24 00:27 m00nbum Clinique: $10 ($41 Value) Hydration Heroes Deluxe 4-Piece Sample Kit

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2022.01.24 00:27 TheShockingMango Breaking exclusive from ESPN!!!

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2022.01.24 00:27 autahciscoguy Birding today with the Z50 and Tamron 150-600 G2. White Faced Ibis. [OC]

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2022.01.24 00:27 MsAmethyst11 i finally got the demonlore, only 1 gun left to collect and 3 scrolls

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2022.01.24 00:27 6ee Thankful for the Vintage Music

From the 20’s to the 40’s. I’ve found myself listening to this more than any other genre of music. Just something about the clarinets hitting hard and the saxophone 🎷 with that vintage rockabilly 🎙 microphone that gives it that raw vinyl sound with a woman singing her heart out and then there’s the others that want to set the world on fire 🔥 And too many classics to list at the top of my head. My go to for relaxing after a stressful day would be roaming in Fallout 76. Met many wonderful players and there’s just something about roaming the wasteland seeing mutated creatures with the kickass soundtrack there’s something...about this updated version of the game that has become a happy place for me. Thank you Obsidian and Bethesda for the games.
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2022.01.24 00:27 PeachyPlumbobs Adult Redditors, how did you expect life to be, and how has it been? Did you make any plans? Were your plans changed?

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2022.01.24 00:27 ltblackwater CA22 secondaries for Crusher Stampede armies?

With the new secondaries available and the death of our Lictor friends (RIP), what secondaries look good at this time for a crusher stampede army?
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2022.01.24 00:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - I would be more dangerous if forced to step down, Pakistan PM Imran Khan warns Opposition | The Hindu

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2022.01.24 00:27 clinicskeleton [LPT] A guide to a healthier psyche as an adult

I say all of this from my own personal experience, research studies, and schooling. Take it with a grain of salt. Who knows maybe it will help you as it’s seemed to help many others. (these tips are a bit to be taken as needed and applied in generality)
-Stop taking yourself so seriously. We often are told that we need to grow up or are often scolded that we should.
Most of those peoples ideas of growing up is choosing unhappiness and bitterness. (note:this is not always consciously but usually subconsciously. So without one’s realizing) It’s okay and actually studies show it’s healthy to enjoy childish things we enjoyed when we were younger. NOSTALGIA! Society often conditions people into believing the only “REAL” path to life is being miserable or fitting into exact guidelines that have been step-by-step set up by them which isn’t the case! Every person is different! every person‘s experience & mind is different !literally the same people can experience the same events, but all will come out & feel differently. The typical idea of life might fit for some and that is awesome but if it’s not for you that is OK and you don’t need to force yourself to fit into something that you clearly don’t enjoy.
-Enjoy the little things!!
1 they all add up and
2 if you’re constantly looking for big things to take joy in you’re always going to be searching even if one is right in front of you. Most of the best experiences happen unexpectedly stop being so harsh on yourself and your experiences.
-If you haven’t already learn how to ask and accept help!
We are human we are social creatures. we like to be around other people. we all need a support system we can’t just handle shit alone no matter how big or small. It is OK to ask for help you are allowed to do that and it is healthy to do that. Despite what you’ve been taught.I’ve noticed a lot of older generations were taught to shove things down deep and to do things on their own. (and their children have been taught the same that is known as generational trauma and conditioning) which has actually been proven to cause later on physical and mental health issues! There is a lot of toxic positivity that has proven to damage one’s psyche (which is a whole topic I could get into but won’t at this time I highly suggest looking into it though. Maybe it will help you all learn some habits or heal from your past.)
-Learn that it is OK to feel and embrace your feelings.
A lot of us are taught that we shouldn’t feel or that some feelings are bad so we should shove them deep or never show them. The thing is we are not our thoughts we are not our feelings they just come about you do not get to choose those feelings you can however choose how you want to deal with them and how you want to respond to them or act with them. It is OK to feel and acknowledge negative feelings. They will come out no matter what and it’s going to come out when you least expect at least want it to if you shove them down in deep. Some people feel things more strongly than others and that’s OK. It is learning to find your balance and what you specifically need that is healthy for you what may work for some might not work for others and that’s OK it doesn’t mean you’re bad or broken it just means some things might need to be adjusted for you!
-Take pride in yourself and who you are as a person and what you enjoy don’t let anybody take that away from you even if it’s seen as geeky or silly that’s OK it’s what brings you happiness this world is harsh and we’re all just surviving out here!!
-Understand that you are not your past or your parents or any possible trauma that you have been through.
This one is a hard one and it is easier said than done and takes a lot of practice and a lot of the time yes it does require a professional but that doesn’t mean that you’re crazy I don’t know a single person who doesn’t need therapy we all need somebody to talk to.
-try not to compare yourself as humans we naturally do as we’re trying to make sure we fit in as it’s how we’ve developed it’s a safety technique we’ve learned through evolution if we’re alone that means death so we have this and inate need to compare her selves are constantly need to fit in but we are past that so mentally we can grow past that as well. It is so unhealthy and can cause so many other issues. Or it could trigger some underlying issues. Especially in today’s environment where social media is so heavy and influencers are so popular it is very important to take time away from social media it’s good to be social but when you start feeling those nasty effects maybe go do something else that makes you feel just as happy or find something else to socialize with play a video game take a walk there are many I can list off and I’m willing to help if anybody would like to ask.
-take care of your physical self. Practice good hygiene maybe get dressed up get a haircut take a nice bubble bath doing this can actually help boost your mental health which can help with feeling physically better as well! It is all connected!
-and the last one I list list for now is behind to not only yourself but others as well and surround yourself with those you see yourself in. This doesn’t mean surround yourself in an echo chamber as I can be unhealthy but surround yourself with people that you feel positively about and that hold your same core values it’s fine to disagree on things but there are some things like human rights that shouldn’t be debated.(if you think they do then you should probably look internally and figure out why you feel that way as it’s most likely some thing internally underlying and not actually the issue you’re projecting onto) spreading kindness will not only help you feel better but others as well. Maybe at first it’s a fake it till you make it but at some point you do start to get into the groove and start doing it naturally and without any effort!
We are all human none of us are perfect we all have fucked up at some point or another it doesn’t immediately make us bad people what is important is focusing on growing and bettering ourselves as all of us can always better ourselves. While also practicing self kindness!
Mental health & peoples emotional Health of been neglected by society for years it doesn’t mean it’s not important or that it doesn’t affect your physical being though! Actually new studies have proven it’s quite the opposite!
Take care of yourself take pride in yourself it is OK! You’re not a narcissist simply because you sometimes get overly excited or proud of what you’ve done or the growth you’ve made. Allow yourself those positive feelings despite what anybody else does or says. You are your main priority and you can’t please everybody. Yes it is good to be aware of your surroundings and other people into still have empathy for other people but make sure you were still taking care of yourself at the same time. Life is a balancing act the whole cliché is so fucking accurate. We are often taught to be patient with other people but it is also important to be patient with yourself! You’ve got this! I believe in you and if you need a little extra help that doesn’t make you weak that makes you courageous and strong especially if you get out there and seek it! I see you you are valid and I’m proud of you!
NoteI do apologize for a grammatical errors I have been reading through it & trying to fix things.I do voice to text as I have arthritis sorry
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2022.01.24 00:27 BlueChris93 Do you drive with best line on or off?

I’ve seen a surprising amount of videos of people and noticed a lot of them use the best line. So I’m curious to get a general idea. I don’t. Do you?
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2022.01.24 00:27 Noregan What in calamaritarnation?

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2022.01.24 00:27 Educational-Bridge54 Mitchell

Does anyone know how Mitchell is doing following this whole ordeal? I have followed the whole investigation and trial and cannot stop thinking about what he must be going through.
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2022.01.24 00:27 Cordellium 15 Goals in a game? What’s the most amount of scores possible?

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2022.01.24 00:27 sorryforthelaundry lucki not gonna scam on the merch ?

yall cop anything before the wake up eye hoodie dope asf
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2022.01.24 00:27 germanky Maintenance Techician

Maintenance Techician
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