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Work trying to guilt me

2022.01.24 00:51 Geranium90 Work trying to guilt me

Just want to rant.
I work at a childcare center. I got covid 2 weeks ago. Had to isolate and take almost a week off work as I was in really rough shape/due to isolation policies...
Then my kids were sick, (gastro symptoms) so we had to isolate I was off Mon/Tues/Wed this past week.
Worked Thursday/Friday, as soon as policy allowed.
Well, now our home daycare provider is sick, tested positive on a Rapid test and has to close for a week.
Due to the amount of sickness going around they can't have my kiddos there (Which is fair)
My husband who has also had to take the same amount of time off work HAS to put 3 days in, on site, to meet deadlines for his work in a new position.
I let my work that I would have to be home mon/tues/wed... sorry for inconvenience ect but I would be there Thursday/Fri.
My works reply has me just LIVID. They said:
I understand this is not easy for you but you also have to understand the spot your putting the Center in. We are very short staff right now and you have been off a lot lately.
At this point we only have staff to cover you on Monday. We will try our best to cover the rest but this is not fair to us and your team mates. "
I am pissed and honestly hurt. I honestly almost emailed her to say
'cool then find someone to replace me, I quit'
But.. I'm 4months pregnant. I would lose out on mat leave.
Just the odacity to try to guilt me into coming in when it was freaking government policy for me to not be in....
Any support or advice or comiseration welcome. This just.. sucks. I love my job and working either the kids but this... this just hurts.
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2022.01.24 00:51 yudt1212 Vet prices

How much does it cost to take a budgie to a vet for a checkup
How much is medicine
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2022.01.24 00:51 Optimal-Resolution-4 Anyone know where I can get a cheap covid test?

Anywhere is fine?
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2022.01.24 00:51 CheeseKiller66 [Ps4] Want: Soul Stacks to make a max character. Have: not much ask

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2022.01.24 00:51 GentleMoonFlower who do you have a crush on?

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2022.01.24 00:51 Character_Ad422 I wanted to catch a starly for my team and I caught a shiny one.

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2022.01.24 00:51 Dry-Coffee-1143 Is my ex a sociopath?

For almost a year I dated what I considered to be the perfect partner. He impressed everyone in my life. He was kind, caring, smart, driven, funny, and loyal. About three months into dating me he flew across the country where I was living for the summer not once but twice. He gave me a long handwritten letter detailing his promise to me and purchased an expensive ring that perfectly matched everything I wore. He talked me down from many panic attacks, comforted me when my ibs started getting really bad. We planned to live together. We had vacations planned out. It seemed like we were happy. Then a couple weeks ago I got diagnosed with BPD, and since then I had went through a massive depressive episode and became extremely vulnerable and defensive. Last week I stayed over at his place because my sister got covid and it was a way for me to avoid getting sick too. We had a pretty big discussion one of the days about how he cannot handle my big emotions and that I needed to be more careful with how I expressed them (I have yelled at him 3 times in the span of our relationship but I have not once harmed him physically nor have I ever called him names or tried to embarrass him or something). I said I would do my best and that i was still looking for dbt treatments. The convo seemed to have resolved, but two days later after some bickering over logistics communication errors and car troubles, he dumped me on the spot. He claimed we both needed to grow as individuals but also pointed out that while he was happy to see me progress, it wasn’t enough. He said he wanted to love himself more. He packed all of my things, left it in my car, and requested to go no contact. I am devastated and confused. It feels like who I thought he was didnt exist. We work together in many places so I will have to see him again. Is it wrong to think he might have been a sociopath?
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2022.01.24 00:51 dobbyisfreen0w An Immigrant (Me) vs. Corporate America

I have not really talked to anyone about this and really process it but…
I am a non-US citizen who works at a tech company. My company has sponsored me for a green card (US Lawful Permanent Resident) and the process started in late 2019. In November 2021, my company obliterated the whole business service/unit I was in and laid everyone off including me. It was something I did not see coming at all. Especially, after being promoted to a Program manager role I’ve worked my ass off in October. It was painful initially but things started to make more sense for me.
In September, my green card application was approved and two months later, I was laid off. It sent me into this roller coaster of a feeling. I can write here all of my frustrations, but that is for another day. When it was announced that I was going to be laid off, my hear sank for a minute or two. I thought I was going to have to leave the US and that was the last thing I want because I’ve worked hard to get sponsored. But then I remembered I am already a green card holder. Once I realized that I’ll be okay and I’m out of my survival mode thinking, and that I can still be in the US, I felt a sense of peace.
I told to myself that I can take a break from working and take a breather. But that did not really happened. In between Nov to Dec, I applied to 89 jobs, auto-rejected by at least half of them, and had 20+ interview loops. I did not really allow myself to take a break because I felt there was this pressure that I need to get a job right away. In addition to the hot job market out there and not wanting to FOMO-ing. Also, the fact that competition is definitely going to be challenging. I was really stressed, depressed, and anxious at the same time about things that were happening in my life. It was just overwhelming. I got burned out.
As of now, I’m getting a new job that pays me almost 50% more in base salary and better prospect and growth. And I can change jobs without US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) coming after me charging me for visa fraud because I left my company a month after I received my company/employment-sponsored green card. But that’s not what happened. I did not leave. I was laid off and terminated. After spending $10,000+ for visa and attorney fees for years. So USCIS can’t claim fraud because I was laid off and it was not my decision. This has been a blessing and a curse. I have resentment towards corporate America but also thanks for my green card, I guess? And I felt weird at first but I felt I was disposable and that’s a realization I had to finally experience what a cog in the machine feels like. That had become my reality for a moment. I was severely underpaid and when I was promoted to PM role a month before the lay off, I had received a little raise in compensation but I was trying to be okay with it and just wanted to feel grateful for the opportunity. So I didn’t negotiate out of fear that my role will be rescinded. Now, I am well compensated after accepting a role that I’m genuinely excited about.
But I am now very careful and really want to create healthy boudaries between personal and work/professional life. I am so grateful, embarrased, happy, sad, angry at the same time. So many feelings and emotions I need to process. I hate corporate America sometimes, and I’m not going to feel bad for them spending thousands of dollars on my immigration visa fees and then laying me off. In conclusion, thanks for the years of effort, money, and time to provide sponsorship, only to lay me off and not “reap the benefits.” This has been my plan all along because I hated what I was doing and had to deal with incompetent and extremely poor leaders in the company. I was done done and mentally checked out.
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2022.01.24 00:51 mindvarious2 My only sibling is in a three-letter acronym government org. Believes in hard right conspiracies.

CIA/NSA/FBI, not going to say which one. For my safety.
He was a big "whataboutist" and on about Hillary's e-mails circa 2016. Still an adamant Trump supporter. Believes some slight conspiracy theories about the virus. Thinly-veiled racist. Despises "woke" people and immigrants. I guess he's Q-adjacent. Aunts and uncles watch Fox News and are Q adjacent. Everyone in my family is on his wavelength.
When I was in a homeless shelter in 2012, I called him. He cussed me out and hung up on me.
Things haven't been the same since. We haven't been in regular contact. We exchange gifts and niceties.
Went over to visit him for Feb 2021. It was me, him and his partner (he's LGBTQ). His partner asked ME (I was an ER employee in 2020) conspiracy questions about the virus. I told the partner that I don't want to discuss this; I was too close to the situation and this is a very intense line of questioning. He got really weird, (40 yr old man), cleaning the kitchen obsessively for the entire time my sibling and I were talking, then charged upstairs. My sibling kindly kicks me out, saying "alright, we're gonna go to bed. I love you."
My sibling and I text back and forth for a few weeks, then he snaps at me. "You were a total ass last time you were over here and if you criticize MY partner like that again in MY house you will be cut off from this family, GOT IT?"
I told him I wished him well and stayed away from their orbit. Its mostly me and my partner, and the few lgbt leftist/democrat friends I made in college park. Its kinda strange... I made more friends here than I did in 20 years at my last podunk zip code.
Idk what to think or feel, aside the fact that I feel very estranged and lonely and abandoned. I also feel paranoid, like he's watching my posts or there's always the possibility of screen-sharing or tapping software now that he has my #. I just wonder what's going on in the head of someone like that, too. My parents are Joe Biden lovers. I'm a leftist, anarchist, pro-human rights, pro-healthcare for all (my dream is to work in healthcare and give it to people who need it most... including the global south). But for him to pop-a-vein in his forehead at the thought of libs/dems/leftists, knowing his sibling is one... like seriously, absolute refusal to consider this side of the aisle, is he doing it out of personal spite? Like, does he fucking hate us THAT BAD?
I know people like to downplay my brother and I's relationship but he's really the only repository of my childhood that I have left. Not close to parents, but things are getting better (healing from an authoritarian household... I def keep my distance). My bro used to be cool, we used to bond, and he loved taking care of me when I was a baby/kid. We would go black friday shopping and I have a few good memories. I think he has replaced me with my cousins, who are now 21, ultra Christian, compliant, quiet, etc. That's fine. I'm none of those things. Always have been strong willed and intimidating. Always will be.
I'm mostly self-sufficient and pressed on trying to survive on my own. Its fucking hard. Cooking, cleaning, working, studying, making time for exercise. These were always meant to be shared tasks. I know of people (more often than not) who still live with their family as a thriving network of "pandemic pods".
Sometimes I get so lonely I that cry and get depressed. I don't feel heartbroken and in despair like I did throughout a lot of my 20s; I'm pretty numb to despair. Now I noticed I get a lot less lonely and a lot more anxious and ready to lash out at people. Road rage, fear of crowded places and just the urge to "get away from people" is very strong. I feel like my ability to trust is completely injured. I'm in therapy and under medication for depression. I hope it gets better.
I wish I had a family.
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2022.01.24 00:51 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Octane: Team BDS] [Black Standard] [Black Veloce]

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2022.01.24 00:51 bstiglets That Phil Brooks dude

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2022.01.24 00:51 ickyticky13420 I found your number on a screenshot in my gallery.

I realized I probably shouldn't have it. We haven't talked in 2 years.
I should delete it but I can't bring myself to. Sitting here on my bed after a long day off; I have to fight the urge to message you or call you. Just to try and make small talk, hear your voice and have you tell me about all that's new. Tell me how much better life is without me bringing you down. That's what I want to hear, because the last 2 years without you to share my days with have been hell. Don't get me wrong, I can still have fun, but as soon as I turn around and realize I can't tell you the stories about my day, or just bury my head into you and let out a long sigh, as soon as that realization hits, it all becomes pointless.
I'm not going to seek out any affection from any other person. I won't delete your number. I'll use it as a way to push me to be better. Eventually maybe I'll be good enough to have the courage to reach out to you.
It's all stupid. I should move on and make sure nothing like this ever happens again. But the dreams I have of you bring me so much happiness, until I realize they are just dreams.
The last dream I had was beautiful. We were in a kitchen we've never worked in before. You were the day shift. I was coming in to the night shift and to take over for you. You told me the events of the day, what had gotten done and what still needed to get done; in your wonderfully professional and direct way. After you gave me the low-down on the day you looked at me and asked "what are you doing tonight?" With your big smile it seemed you saved for me alone. I looked at the coworkers around us and replied "I was going to ask you the same thing." And that's when I woke up. I miss you so fucking much. I'm so sorry I hurt you and the only thing I can do to make it up is just stay away from anyone it seems. I'll call you one day. I just hope it's with good news. You will always be my favorite person, I'll always be my worst enemy.
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2022.01.24 00:51 TheBabyDriver The Most Intense Comeback I've Ever Had

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2022.01.24 00:51 mr_music_video What's the worst thing you'd do for $50?

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2022.01.24 00:51 HogdippingCowboy This is gonna be a awesome feud. Golden Lovers vs Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi

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2022.01.24 00:51 Lopsided-Position166 Nobody is going to come to our aide. But fuck'em - we don't need them

As much as I appreciate the call to "write your politicians", "E-mail the SEC", etc etc . NOBODY is going to come to our aide. Why would the system bring itself down?
We're about to pull the final Jenga piece and bring the whole mother fucking system down. Who is the system? Politicians who inside trade with no repercussions. The Fed who keeps banks propped up so they can fuck around. The SEC who turns a blind eye to all of the shenanigans.
Why would THEY help US? They have had no problem fucking us all these years - so they sure as hell aren't going to be caught dead being blamed for bringing the system, that they created, down.
Hell, I love RC and what he's doing with the company - but would it be in his and the company's best interest to have their hand on the game ending Jenga piece?
We have Direct Registration. All of these abused settlement loopholes have NO ANSWER for Direct Registration. We FORCE them to settle deliveries. That's the game ender. That's what we have the power to do.
That's why we don't need anybody but EACH OTHER! We end this. Nobody else.
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2022.01.24 00:51 daboybryan Help me

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2022.01.24 00:51 Sufficient_Zombie_17 New gender swapping pictures

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2022.01.24 00:51 larento Browser network requests not showing up in queries

I have a regex filter which is properly blocking any matching requests it sees. When I load the page, I see in the browser network dev tools that it will make a request to a matching domain and it won't be blocked, BUT the request won't show up in the recent queries on the pihole admin page as allowed.
I've cleared my browser cache. What's another way the browser can be bypassing the pihole and where else should I look?
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2022.01.24 00:51 Izana_07 Tengen Uzui Meets Rengoku Kyojirou

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2022.01.24 00:51 jojohnboy Damn this shit sucks

The title speaks for itself. Currently I (m20) am stuck somewhere between pimo and Pomo. Just some relevant background information; baptized at 14, I am a college student, I live in a different city a few hours away from my family and home congregation. I think my parents have known I was starting to steer away from the religion since the beginning of the pandemic, although I had stopped believing in it since I was about 17. At the point of the pandemic, I just didn’t care about hiding my doubts as much, which definitely caused friction between my family and I. A very big turning point was when I told my parents I was going to a university. They took it pretty hard, but they eventually accepted it. I left home back in August, and I’ve logged on to 4 zoom meetings, maybe. A key factor in this situation is that since the age of 16, I’ve been living a double life. I’ve successfully been able to keep my jw life and my personal life completely separate since then, continually doing things that would immediately get me disfellowshipped lol. Although more recently, the facade has started to fade. I went home for Christmas break, and my dad found out that 1. I’m gay, and 2. I’ve been hanging out with my disfellowshipped cousin, and 3. He might have found out that I smoke weed as well…. But the thing is, he hasn’t said a word to me about it. I have no idea if he has told anybody, but I know he hasn’t told my mom jack shit. I do think he said something to the elders though, they’ve been wanting to schedule a meeting with me for the past few weeks and I’ve just been dodging them left and right. I’m honestly not sure how much longer I can keep dodging them. Although I think I could figure it out if it happened, I don’t think I’m ready to have the rug pulled from under my feet. I’m not sure what my living situation is going to be after this semester ends, and the rest of my belongings are still at my parents house… like I said, damn this shit sucks
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2022.01.24 00:51 Bismillah835 Not that I can afford it, but what company makes the top level pots and pans? They look so nice!

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2022.01.24 00:51 pineapple_punk Be sad with me

I work on a long term memory-care unit, in an assisted living community. About a year ago we got a resident, let's call him N, and man oh man was he a handful at first, while he adjusted to being in our care. I always would go in, reorient him, laugh with him, talk with him. One day we we were talking about life, and he was in a state of mind where he was very worried about everything being taken care of when he leaves this earth. He asked me if I was married and I told him no, but I do have a dog to keep me company. He went on a very long speil about how I should find a man to grow old with so that I can have company and we can help each other in old age. I simply said "I haven't found a man I like enough yet." Because explaining to a 96 year old dementia patient that you dont want to find a man when he's trying to show he cares didn't seem like the simple route.
N paused for a while, and just looked me in the eyes for a few moments before he said "Well maybe you can find a female companion. As long as you two are happy together, who am I to judge?" I smiled so big and gave him a hug and told him that he's the sweetest cranky old man I had ever met.
Over the past year of caring for him, I can genuinely say he became a friend I will never forget. Even in his most confused states he would remember my name, and even ask for me when other people tried to help him.
We lost N last Monday. We've been bombarded with loss recently, and while I truly cared for them all, N will always have a special place in my heart. I just needed to share this story. He will be greatly missed.
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2022.01.24 00:51 hxsfox Funny rock in Slime Rancher goes yeow

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2022.01.24 00:51 Remy-Dark Currently having panic attack

It's really hard to type, v please don't mind mistakes. I fix them late. So, about 2 hours go one of my friends message me that my boyfriend was being suicidal. I didn't treat it t Righthy away, b do worst scenario. I message my friend, then my bf. I couldn't breathe, still can't. Can't stop shaking. Vision keeps blowing. My bf is fine, by way. I can't ground, what do I do?
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