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I wonder if Shiey is going to continue surfing or exploring in his area.

2022.01.24 00:27 TakingFl1ght-1 I wonder if Shiey is going to continue surfing or exploring in his area.

With all the stuff going on between Russia and Ukraine, as well as surrounding Baltic countries helping Ukraine, I wonder what Shiey is gonna do.
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2022.01.24 00:27 usErnaMemustBeqwerty An option to subtract nectar from the active nectar count

I don't know if it's been suggested before, but I think we should have this option. Also, if possible, can we add half a nectar at a time?
This would make it so that we wouldn't have to come online to stop the boost for whatever reason, and just have it go until it's all drained.
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2022.01.24 00:27 Sensitive_Peace_9199 Our 100 year old water access cabin in Canada [OC]

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2022.01.24 00:27 joev3253 Can't deposit KDA into Gate.io, just keep refreshing and not providing an address

Can't deposit KDA into Gate.io, just keep refreshing and not providing an address Is anyone else running into this? I have stayed on the page for minutes just to watch the timer reset, and I have tried refreshing the page a few times.
"Refresh in 29 seconds"
"New address is being generated for you. please wait a moment and refresh the page"

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2022.01.24 00:27 real_eastcoastfool30 AL East Lots

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2022.01.24 00:27 punkandprose I Got an Ass Beating My First Time Out in Mexico

The first hit to my body felt like it would shatter my spine.
The group of boys had nothing but glee on their faces as they took turns beating me up, delivering merciless hits to my back, head, arms, legs. They all wanted to put on a show for their friends, to be the one to break me the hardest.
I did nothing to deserve this. All I’d wanted to do was go to a party and have fun. And as soon as they saw me there, hanging out in the yard, they were determined to gut me. Maybe they had targeted me because they were looking for something to do. But I knew that it was my bright, colorful aesthetic that had drawn their attention, made them feel that I was asking for a beat down. I had gone all out with the festive look. It was a big part of what made me me. Every time one of them maimed another part of my body, blind to my suffering, I hoped for revenge.
They laughed, their grins flashing in and out of my view as I crumpled. Even when I was able to recoil and dodge a hit, I knew more were coming and that I was only prolonging this.
There were bystanders, people who could help me. But no one stepped in. Some were even amused, watching from a safe distance, their obnoxious cell phones out to capture the moment. I was going to die here surrounded by onlookers and no one would feel sorry.
When the main one stepped forward, everyone especially egged him on, shouting his name.
Baseball bat to my torso, he sent blow after blow after blow, and then the shock hit me as my belly split open.
"¡Es chocolateeeee!" Candy showered down from inside me and the children rushed to it cheering.
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2022.01.24 00:27 Complete_Warthog_138 Addicted to loneliness but hate it?

I have always kinda been alone but not really by choice. My family is small and most don't really like each other. That mixed with a bunch of childhood neglect, I've had issues creating long term relationships of any kind. I've just gotten used to being alone. I'm very independent but am so jealous of how other people can communicate with each other.
I'm a friendly person and I do have good friends, but I think I've become so accustomed to being by myself that I kinda forget about keeping in contact. All my friends seems to text and chat with their other friends everyday, and I'm in like 2 group chats with a bunch of them, but I don't really enjoy texting that much. Not to mention everyone mostly texts during the day when I'm swamped with work.
My mental health has really be struggling lately making this even harder. I'm so sick of being alone but I can't even text people back. I don't know how to stay in contact with people I guess. I hate feeling so isolated but I work from home with a tech job and can't go to clubs rn like I usually would because of the plague, and am seriously starting to worry about the long term affects of touch starvation and any future relationships.
I'm just not sure what to do anymore and my doctor and therapist are just like 'reach out to friends when you're lonely' or 'have you tried meditation?'. I just wish it wasn't so much effort I guess. Like yeah I don't text people everyday, but people don't text me first either.
I wish someone liked me enough, as a friend or otherwise, to be like that with me, if that makes sense.
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2022.01.24 00:27 ADMotti I just got my first solo flawless dungeon—Pit of Heresy w/Warlock—and you can too!

So after spending all week zeroing in on the dungeon’s mechanics, I finally wrapped up solo flawless Pit on my Warlock today. Instead of just flexing the badass emblem, I thought I’d share my two cents on each encounter for anyone else trying to go for it before Witch Queen. Again, this was done on Warlock.
Necropolis Whatever subclass you prefer Your preferred loadout Gear for mid-to-long engagements, I liked Lorentz to hit the Ogres and Knights before they got too close. Just be slow and patient.
The Pit Bottom tree void Lament with Protective Light and secondary-activated Striking Light Use room 4 (front right) for the right hallway, room 2 (back right) for the middle, room 1 (back left) for the left. Eat your grenade for Devour as you enter the rooms with the adds and go bananas with Lament to clear quickly. If you can’t avoid Ogres, continue running for Striking Light’s protection and if you have to go past one (eg it’s blocking a door), jump and glide over it—stomps won’t kill you while you’re airborne but they will if you’re on the ground.
Totems Bottom tree void Strong mid/long-range primary ammo kinetic (I used a Biting Winds with explosive head and minor spec, which one-shots the Acolytes), Riskrunner and a vortex frame sword; same armor as Pit, plus Stag for rift DR Devour, Devour, Devour. Eat your grenade and hammer away at Acolytes; when the way is clear, switch to your sword, find a Knight on the left or right—DO NOT RUN ALONG THE WALL OR THE KNIGHTS WILL COOK YOU—hit it with 3 light attacks > heavy attack. Grab the orb and run back to the plate; while you wait for the invisible timer to reset, eat another grenade. Dunk the orb, get back on the plate. Pick off a few Acolytes until the Thralls and Knights show up to keep Devour up. Once you get hit by a Knight projectile, grab Risky and go ham on the Thralls and Acolytes. Make sure to pick the Cursed Thralls before they get too close. Once the CT’s are dead, aim slightly above the upstairs cave and throw your Nova Bomb at the Knights—if your super isn’t up, take your time hitting the Knights with your bow, taking out Acolytes or eating a grenade if your life starts to get too low. Rinse and repeat. Don’t panic.
Vertical obstacle course Be patient. Watch out for the spherical hive nests on the walls, as they can alter your jump and knock you into the one-shot obstacles.
The Harrow Whatever subclass you prefer Mid-range solar weapon (I used Vex), strong long range weapon(s) Similar to the first encounter, the icons at the bottom of the obstacle course tells you which rooms you need to kill the wizard; find a map and keep your distance picking off the wizards. Retreat if your health gets low because you won’t have much space to maneuver around wizard ranged attacks.
The Boss Top tree void with Contraverse Hold Long range kinetic, Cartesian Coordinate with Vorpal (and Particle Deconstruction), Gjallarhorn Cook a Knight immediately, grab the relic and jump up to the platform on the left (Knight); clear the adds and take out the miniboss. THIS IS IMPORTANT: when you go to dunk the orb, DO NOT USE THE RECEPTACLE IN FRONT OF YOU—the boss is always standing there and will stomp you to Europa. Run to the next receptacle to the right, dunk, keep running counter-clockwise all the way back to the Knight platform and move to the back, pull your kinetic and pick off Acolytes on the other platforms and in front of the boss. Rinse and repeat with the other two platforms to start DPS. Stay in the air as much as possible to avoid Cursed Thralls. Throw a charged grenade at the boss’ feet and throw a Slowva Bomb at him, then bomb away with Gjally til it’s out of ammo. If you have any time left, hit him with Cartesian shots til he kneels then bail back to higher ground. Rinse and repeat til boss is dead. Don’t fall off the edge. Congrats!
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2022.01.24 00:27 Notelu Recently rediscovered amateur concert film from 1974, with J Geils Band and Nils Lofgren

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2022.01.24 00:27 Chimeguy22 💎💵$5 for trying Cashapp real easy!!💵💎

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2022.01.24 00:27 dirtyslogans Hey, I've seen this one

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2022.01.24 00:27 Ok_Philosopher7871 TATTED DRAGONS WHITELIST SPOTS GIVEAWAY

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2022.01.24 00:27 cookingandcraft Evening.

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2022.01.24 00:27 RFT05 Is it just me or does this Look Like Harry at Southampton Man City game?

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2022.01.24 00:27 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Bulls lose in embarrassing fashion to Magic, but ‘cavalry’ on the way | Chicago Sun-Times

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2022.01.24 00:27 the_most_fortunate Why I have chosen to forsake the world, manifestation, the clairs and psychic phenomenon.

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2022.01.24 00:27 FieryArrow86 Trade Market / Giveaway DM for code. Bring bells or trade items please.

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2022.01.24 00:27 Terrible-Minimum-931 Reddit, what was your reaction to finding out the truth about Jared from Subway?

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2022.01.24 00:27 lamesara Is this just harmless skin irritation or should I go to the hospital?

I 24F stupidly handled my car battery with my bare hands yesterday and this morning. Both terminals had corrosion, so I definitely came in contact with some nasty stuff.
I noticed I’ve been itching my eyes a lot. Last night I looked in the mirror and there was some swelling around my eyes, like large mosquito bites. I took a long shower and used visine to flush it. Then I let it be to see if it gets worse. I resisted itching that night and the swelling went down but I had excessively dark/red under eye circles the next morning. Tonight I was itching again and the “mosquito bites” were coming back.
But nothing else is happening. I just get bumps when I itch my eyes. My question is: do I bother going into an ER tonight (and wait hours on a Sunday), take time off work tomorrow to go to a walk-in clinic, or just leave it be? It seems harmless to me, but I don’t wanna damage my eyes because I’m a pilot and I would hate to lose my medical/license over that. Not sure if I sound like a total idiot right now, I just hate going to the doctor.
For reference I live in Canada, drink a normal amount (usually like 2 beers/glasses of wine per week), don’t do drugs, or smoke. Hopefully I followed all the rules. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 00:27 2Botter2Loop Electrical tower folding in on itself

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2022.01.24 00:27 Massive_Student_Matt What's your favorite 4 Mech lineup if you really want to bring the pain?

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2022.01.24 00:27 Kaje26 In what ways can I, living in Indiana, show my support for trans people? To show that they are loved and I care about them. To do what I can to help?

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2022.01.24 00:27 cupofroy What to say about my profession if I don't want to talk about my current job?

I want to quit my job one day - and quit the rat race. Start my own business and build from there.
I don't know where to start. I don't even have a business idea.
And if I want to expand my circle (e.g. networking), what should I tell people about what I do? I don't have any business yet, and I end up tell people about my current job/industry, which is not the group of people I want to build in my circle. What should I do?
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2022.01.24 00:27 Atreidis_01 Every single thing and action has now terms and conditions, which you would have to accept in order to do. What would be some of the funnier or ridiculous things written in t&c?

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2022.01.24 00:27 Arky___ Is this riven any good

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