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What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

2022.01.23 23:49 ex-sited What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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2022.01.23 23:49 Popular-Lead If I drink the daily beer before joining another host's mission do I bring the effect with me?

I've been drinking the special brew every time I join a mission but just noticed I may have been wasting them. Will the beer's effect only work for my lobby or does it carry along with my character during a late join?
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2022.01.23 23:49 guyreadingabook Mafia story

Some good mafia related manhwas?
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2022.01.23 23:49 GamerPaper470 Man what the fuck happened to ads

Remember ads from like a decade ago? They were actually good, and fun to watch. Now its all political shit, pornbait, cringey shit or dumbass scripting where the people talks like nobody on this planet.
What the fuck man
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2022.01.23 23:49 NobleEMRLD Seanathan episode 12 is up and it's an extended one. Hope you guys like it!

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2022.01.23 23:49 chlavaty Which intersection do you vibe with super hard?

Like the title said, just looking for the intersections you vibe with super hard. Doesn't have to be inside the loop.
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2022.01.23 23:49 chgoboyx Wells Fargo active cash or adive on another card

Hello I am looking for some advice and dp on applying for the active cash card or perhaps anther card, my stats are as follows and feel free to ask me questions so I may answer to get best results.
· * Current credit cards you are the primary account holder of:
· Amex green charge card 5k pot opened 12/2020
· Amex blue cash preferred 5k opened 12/2020
· Amex everyday 5k opened 3/2020
· Wells Fargo propel opened 2/2019 1500 cli to 6k 04/2020 hp
· Pnc cash rewards 6k 10/2019
· Disco it opened 1/2019 2500 cli to 6.5k 4/2020 sp
· Fab loc opened 5/2020 pd & closed 10/2020 6k
· Sync network opened 9/2018 5k cli to 8100 02/2020
· Sync car care opened 11/2015 for 850.00 closed 10/2017
· Sync car care reopened 11/2018 1200 cli to 2700 1/2022 auto cli
· Sync care credit opened 9/2020 13300
· Credit union opened 12/1993 14900 (only reports to ex)
· * FICO Scores with source
· Eq fico 8 (706) fico 9 (749) tu fico 8 (708) fico 9 (756) ex fico 8 (726) fico 9 (781) vantage 4.0 (791)
* Oldest credit card account age with you as primary 6 years 2 months or 29 years
Depending on credit bureau.
· * Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 6 months: 0
· * Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 12 months: 2
· * Number of personal credit cards approved for in the past 24 months: 4
· * Annual income $: 70000k
· * OK with category-specific cards? yes
· * OK with rotating category cards? yes
· * Estimate average monthly spend in the categories below. Only include what you can pay by credit card.
o * Dining $: 400
o * Groceries $: 200-250
o * Gas $: 200
o * Travel $: 0 not right now
o * Do you plan on using this card abroad no
o * Any other categories examples: phone/internet, insurance or stores example: Amazon with significant, regular credit card spend the more you specify, the better $ 300
o * Any other significant, regular credit card spend you didn't include above?: $no
o * Can you pay rent by credit card? If yes, list rent amount and if there's a fee for paying by credit card: $ no
· * Current member of Amazon Prime, Costco, Sam's Club, or a Verizon postpaid customer: yes, amazon prime
· * Current member of Chase, US Bank or any other big bank?: yes
· * Active US military? no
· * Are you open to Business Cards? no
· * What's the purpose of your next card (choose ONE) rewards and higher limit
o * If you answered, "first credit card", are you an authorized user on any other cards? no
o * If you answered, "balance transfer", please give details as to why:
o * If you answered, "travel rewards", do you have a preferred airline and/or hotel chain? no
· * Do you have any cards you've been looking at? Yes Wells Fargo active cash, another pnc card, would prefer a world Mastercard.
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2022.01.23 23:49 HighlandValley You guys ever see that funny movie, Super Troppers?

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2022.01.23 23:49 _1ight Glock isn't talking about YB, but this has to do with how YB gets treated in the blogs/media

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2022.01.23 23:49 Ages-SMP Ages SMP!!!!

Ages SMP 📷 description: The Ages SMP is a Lore/community-based server centered around history and community elements and events. On the Ages SMP we will spawn in as nomads and travel, after a little you'll become members of the area your in, and build china Greece and more. Events will be years of evolution as learning iron or better armor all the way to modern age are objective is to bring small communities together as well as the streamer community. Further information about the lore will be provided if you become a member. We are currently looking for content creators and admin, dev and player not matter the following or none you can join. (Rules) >In order to sustain a healthy community and server environment, we prohibit any activity we consider generally disruptive. That means no stealing, grieving, hacking, which we don’t think is a tall order. Additionally, the server community may also impose additional non-serious rules or regulations for fun, like prison or death row, which you might be expected to play along with. This is a lore/community-based server! Please do not join expecting to move a thousand blocks from spawn and never interact with anyone! Joining: In order to join, please fill out the following application Once we read and accept it, we will message you with the result. https://forms.gle/Y4327X7sAcFAqxfG9 (Ages SMP is a molded 1.16.5 SMP mainly for streamers and YouTubers and is goal is to go through the different ages of man through captivating lore and storytelling.
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2022.01.23 23:49 ggsupreme Idea: Villagers should transfer the resources they are currently carrying to the opponent who’s army killed them…

If you think about it while raiding In the olden times, if a group of knights ran up on a group of villagers and killed them they would absolutely take the resources the villagers are carrying on them back to their village. This benefit would also intensify matches as being more active and killing more villagers is rewarded with additional resources to ramp up production.
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2022.01.23 23:49 MrMarez Aaaahhhhh

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2022.01.23 23:49 WarthogQueasy LND vs FD - 1639 Submissions

Votes were got from 7 different polls off of this subreddit, poll 1 started with the top 3 biggest songs from LND and the top 3 songs on FD, poll 2 was the next 3 and every other poll followed that same pattern till poll 7. Poll 7 had the winner of all 6 polls on the poll, this allowed me to see how much people preferred one poll from the next. Polls like poll 1 (the most popular songs from each album) gained 37% of the votes meaning that even if a song like Wandered to LA only got 2.9% of the votes on poll 1 still performed pretty good getting 1.1 points, doing better than 11 songs. These points are got from the percentage of votes the song got divided by the percent of votes the Poll 7 got of the category, anyways here's the stats of every song
Righteous = 12.9
Burn = 10.7
Wishing Well = 7.4
Blood on my Jeans = 6
Rockstar in his Prime = 5.1
You wouldn’t Understand = 4.6
Man of the Year = 3.7
Life's a Mess = 3.6
Stay High = 3.2
Feel Alone = 3
Doom = 2.8
Fighting Demons = 2.6
Already Dead = 2.5
Bad Energy = 2.5
Not Enough = 2.4
Up Up and Away = 2.4
Relocate = 2
From my Window = 1.9
Come and Go = 1.8
Go Hard = 1.8
Until The Plug Comes Back Around = 1.6
Feline = 1.6
Girl of my Dreams = 1.2
Juice WRLD Speaks 2 = 1.2
Wandered to LA = 1.1
Hate the Other Side = 1
Titanic = 1
I Want it = 0.9
My Life in a Nutshell = 0.9
Can’t Die = 0.8
Screw Juice = 0.5
Anxiety[Intro] = 0.2
The Man, The Myth, The Legend = 0.1
Juice WRLD Speaks = 0.1
Get Through It = 0.1
Eminem Speaks = 0.1
Legends Never Die Album : 50.6 points / 54%
Fight Demons Album : 43.5 points / 46 %
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2022.01.23 23:49 AmazingBeastboy1 i recently found my mix thanks to chris liepes tutorial and i’m wondering how to “hone in” the dying cat sound

https://youtu.be/PWILJG2wh5Q , ive been struggling to make it sound not like muscle man impersonating a dying cat, i understand that’s one of the main things chris focuses on in his mix voice course but i kinda don’t have the money to do that so it’s not really an option, the goal is like geddy lee/josh kiszka kinda stuff
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2022.01.23 23:49 Trope94 James should go back to making movies

AVGN sucks now so end it. What about revenue and pumping out content to make money? Fuck it All. I don’t give a shit about youtube or subscribers. At the end of the day, we want to dial into the internet and just watch enjoyable stuff. Justin Silverman can go back to Silvermania and James should just end all legal contracts. The channel is shit and it isn’t fun.

This shit was never about money. It was about having fun and pursuit of passions. James needs to end it all, take some time off, and naturally get his creative juices flowing again without any expectations. Then maybe he’ll, finally make a horror movie. I’d respect him for that as this internet fame youtube shit has devolved so much. The internet aint even what it was 15 years ago anyway. Fuck subscribers. Fuck ad revenue. Fuck Gangar. Do things because they are fun.
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2022.01.23 23:49 MrMumbles222 I know it shouldn't surprise me anymore but...

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2022.01.23 23:49 A_C_Phantom What is my plant doing and should I be doing anything about it?

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2022.01.23 23:49 Dvddy_Necki Channel

I just started to focus on YouTube and my future and would love some support. If you could get me to at least 50-100 it would be so appreciative. ANYTHING HELPS!! thank you.
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2022.01.23 23:49 fuselymardrom watercolor by me :-)

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2022.01.23 23:49 LostSoul42999999 Bonnie eating Reese’s puffs on the way to Monty golf

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2022.01.23 23:49 Abdullahas2022 Please HELP me with This Project

Hi 👋
I really appreciate your time 🙂
If you are a resident who follows your city accounts on social media, I would like your participation and honest views by filling out the questionnaire. I really need more participants aged 18 and above. I would appreciate it if you could fill out my survey; it should take less than 10 mins! This year is my last year to finish my PhD Dissertation.
Have a great day!!!
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2022.01.23 23:49 Sapphire-Hannibal [NEWBIE] Anybody know what the weird bumps on the stem of the guitar are?

So I just found a guitar on the side of the road in my neighbor hood so I took it home, it’s a little beat up but it’s got these shiny bumps on the stem? I was thinking on shaving them down but I wanted to know what they were first and if they should be there?
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2022.01.23 23:49 Blitzery Examples of oxymoron

Any examples of oxymoron? Thanks
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2022.01.23 23:49 KvK_07 A non-punctual clumsy guy

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2022.01.23 23:49 nathanmho95 what they don't tell you about going to art school | advice from a Tisch...

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