I hope we will be able to see him again soon

2021.12.02 13:12 Jtclone I hope we will be able to see him again soon

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2021.12.02 13:12 100_Donuts Yeah, so what's your story, huh?

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2021.12.02 13:12 LukeThomas13 Let's Eat Trash Opossum

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2021.12.02 13:12 hellohowa Will the defense try to use the Megyn Kelly interview against Jill?

I haven't watched the whole Megyn Kelly interview, but my impression is that the molestation was downplayed in all of the Duggars' responses and that Rim Job seemed to have orchestrated everyone's answers to the questions. I wonder if Jill testifies this week, and gives a consistent recount of what Bobye Holt has said, i.e., that the assaults were much more severe, frequent, and over a much longer period of time, that Josh's defense will try to introduce scenes from the Megyn Kelly interview of Jill to show that Jill made prior statements on TV that do not line up with what she's testifying to now about the assaults. That would be an interesting development, I think. Imo, it would be great if that led into Jill testifying that Rim Job had threatened and intimated them into giving certain answers to Megyn Kelly, and that while she wasn't telling the truth then, she is now. I think it would be a good gotcha on Josh and JB.
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2021.12.02 13:12 IDontLieAboutStuff What is going on with the toning on this coin? Artificial?

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2021.12.02 13:12 1willbobaggins1 The Economics of Innovation with Matt Clancy

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2021.12.02 13:12 scrapmetalhead Recommended carrying cases and headphones for pocket

With the release around the corner. I'm curious to know of any recommended carrying cases or wired headphones they would be using for the pocket.
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2021.12.02 13:12 hiYc07 film şeysi

house of gucci linki olan var mı altyazı olmasa da olur ya da nereden bulabilirim
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2021.12.02 13:12 SuperKonsti They took our jobs

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2021.12.02 13:12 Fihnal VHDL

Hi everyone, I have recently started learning hardware and decided to start with verilog hdl, I am facing some trouble learning it , does anyone have any course recommendations?
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2021.12.02 13:12 ConfidentAttention70 hi

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2021.12.02 13:12 Mx_Bodliere [POEM] I Want So Desperately to be Finished with Desire - Sam Sax

after all my labor pleasure arrives inelegant as ever secondhand chandelier onion sound the gutter that grunts back at you when you spit in its mouth
even with my hand inside him he’s somewhere else
the shipwreck leaves the paired animal bodies floating & bloated with salt
everyone drags all their past lovers into bed
all their past beds & public toilets & foil pipes & park benches & cutlasses & cigarettes & the deadbolt & the dead
my hand’s inside him & he’s with someone else gone men breathing gone breath on his neck
the brain is a maniac organ it puppets me
i follow a man off the subway into queens & look up to see my life has passed
every text message i send is a tongue pushing through the body of the phone until it laps at a strained pair of eyes
my man wakes up next to me & recoils at my hardness gathered at his thigh
two primates reach between each others legs & get to work one throws his head back to stare down god while the other wants to leave
i press my naked shape against aquarium glass & let the squid swarm my deformed organ they’re amazed how it fans out like a sibling brethren & recognition
every old wound dressed in drag & daggers
child of the invert & sodomite of the lecher in her leper print gown of the leper bell & its leper sound
my thirst is basic easily quenched water will do
i used to be wild unripe fruit
i’d lash myself to any new mast while some man stared down strange as i strained & galloped terribly against his sound
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2021.12.02 13:12 Desert_Trader Who is falling for this BS? Points in comments...

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2021.12.02 13:12 Codester_3 Wayne Gretzky zoom experience.

Any of the top 25 in this sub? Assume all the ruby collectors will be the ones invited. What are everyone’s thoughts on the experience?
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2021.12.02 13:12 just_zara Time to go run

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2021.12.02 13:12 plot_hole Anybody using Di Natale as RW?

Pulled him untradeable in my Rivals rewards. I have the turtle as a striker in a 4231 and SIF Salah as a RW. Since I read a lot about Di Natales abilities and somehow believe that Hero Strikers seem to have the best finishing ingame (Keane is out of this World, even Ole is deadly), I might want to try him as RW. Good idea? Anybody using him anywhere but up front?
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2021.12.02 13:12 TRAcademy BitTorrent - BTT Technical Analysis for December 2, 2021 - BitTorrent

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2021.12.02 13:12 alwaysimproving95 [Advice] I’ve made animated summaries of 50+ of the best self improvement books. I’ve made a list of the links for each of the videos so you can find and watch the summary of the book you are interested in more easily. Hope this is useful.

I hope you'll be able to watch these and get a clearer idea or which ones you would be interested in reading fully.
Thanks, have a great day
I've made over 50 summaries of the best self improvement books, the links are below.
Full playlist of them all here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOImyOGN9UE&list=PLaNTB6oQAa0AYuul0tqUscg1ZLj_arZga
Here are the links:
Make Your Bed:
The power of the subconscious mind:
Getting things done:
The power of intention:
Deep work:
The magic of thinking big:
The alchemist:
Atomic Habits:
The E-Myth Revisited:
The art of war:
The lean startup:
The hard thing about hard things:
Crush it!:
Delivering Happiness:
The personal MBA:
The $100 startup:
Zero to One:
Start with why:
The compound:
The Prince:
The willpower instinct:
The slight edge:
Who moved my cheese?:
The One Thing:
The richest man in babylon:
The power of habit:
Secrets of the millionaire mind:
The 6 pillars of self esteem:
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective people:
Thinking Fast and Slow:
The 4 hour work week:
The power of positive thinking:
The power of now:
Think and grow rich:
12 rules of life:
The 5 love languages:
Rich Dad Poor Dad:
How to win friends and influence people:
The inside out revolution:
Man’s search front:
The subtle art of not giving a fuck:
How to stop worrying and start living:
The millionaire fastlane:
5 extremely powerful techniques to master motivation:
Quiet by Susan Cain:
Extreme Ownership:
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2021.12.02 13:12 snkde LG 32UL500-W 32 Inch UHD Display Monitor Amazon $286.99 Prime

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2021.12.02 13:12 Gimmedapoosiebowse Anyone got higher than this?

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2021.12.02 13:12 LukeThomas13 Let's Eat Trash Opossum

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2021.12.02 13:12 Shayanshs Mine is :😂🐸💀😐🔥🥺

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2021.12.02 13:12 rianeleonard December 2, 2021 Hamilton Vaccine Clinics

Walk-in and booked appointment clinics (Age 5+). These clinics are walk-in for those age 12+ requiring first or second doses. Appointments are required for children aged 5 to 11 or individuals requiring third or booster doses. Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are available at the vaccine clinics.

Appointments can be made using Hamilton's online booking system
Provincial GO-VAXX bus mobile vaccine clinic (outdoor walk-in clinic - Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine available for 1st or 2nd dose). Age 5+
Mobile vaccination clinics - walk-in for first or second doses, Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccine available. Age 12+
Booked appointment clinics (Age 5 to 11) These clinics require an appointment for 5 to 11 year olds to receive a first or second dose. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines are available at the vaccine clinics. Appointments can be made using Hamilton's online booking system
Pharmacy vaccination clinics Participating pharmacies can be found through covid-19.ontario.ca/vaccine-locations
A full listing of upcoming mobile vaccination clinics is available on Hamilton's Vaccination Page.
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2021.12.02 13:12 inner_vile mf with this head arent funny but annoying asf

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2021.12.02 13:12 aNotFamousGryffindor Idk, I find it funny

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