Has anyone figured out a solution to the lag / duet issue when dueting?

2021.12.02 13:34 HalfKoreanGurl Has anyone figured out a solution to the lag / duet issue when dueting?

I'm on a Samsung. I've tried with SharperImage wireless earphones and two different semi-cheap wired earphones.
For those of you who have no problem with your duets being perfectly on time, what devices and operating system are you using? Please, this is very frustrating for me as a musician wanting to duet others' original songs. Thank you in advance.
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2021.12.02 13:34 filippp Dized Tutorial for Robinson Crusoe

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2021.12.02 13:34 KaliKali1 Has anyone tried/had luck with peppermint oil capsules for bloating?

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2021.12.02 13:34 XDClanSans I had an assignment in history where I have to make a PSA poster for a social issue, so i chose gay rights and

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2021.12.02 13:34 stas_saintninja Penance Stone - Explain mechanics, pleaae?

I don't understand, how stone is work. I know, that active stone makes enemies stronger and rate up chances of loot. In description says, that stone doesn't work in multiplayer, and can't be upped more, than +3 in MP. If I play solo and put ochiko at shrine for guest, stone still active or not? If I join as guest, stone doesn't make enemies stronger. But if I play in expedition mode as host, stone still active? Is it possible to play with friend against stronger enemies (+4 penance or more). Explain, when it works, please.
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2021.12.02 13:34 MX-00XWV [Intoxicating Elf] Ryu Lion

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2021.12.02 13:34 IPureLegacyI Fidelity Agent: “Your DRS request is now completed. Is there anything else you would like to add today?” - My response

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2021.12.02 13:34 Lollex56 B a s a d o

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2021.12.02 13:34 light_shadows_7 [In Dying Starlight] - Chapter 1.3 - Space Opera

Previous Chapter

1.3 Bat smacks his jaws around some sort of fried fish. The whole eatery smells of oil, salt and brine, but the food is good. I haven’t had anything this rich in ages. I only get halfway through my meal before I’m just picking at the flaky meat with my fork.
“Are you happy now?” I ask.
Bat stops smacking long enough to give me a cool stare. Two women a few tables away have been staring for the last ten minutes. Enough that I’m getting jittery. I scoop Bat off the table and head for the exit—he can eat in the ship. There’s nothing else helpful here. We’ve already got weeks of food and water, and I fueled up at the last planet we passed. Everything’s expensive here anyway. There’s a reason we need this bounty.
Far to my left, the giant doors to the fishery open with the crack of built up ice. Frost gusts in, far enough away it doesn’t hit us through all the booths. There’s a vague shuffling in the direction of the doors, but most everyone stays where they are. Bat flattens his giant ears at all the noise. Slipping back into the hanger brings the real cold. I pick up my pace.
There’s someone near the airlock of my ship.
Bat goes rigid. I set him on the ground. The man sitting on the railway up to the the airlock watches him scurry around the other side of the ship without speaking. Bat can get in a smaller hatch on the opposite side of the ship I can’t squeeze through, or the one on the top. He can also point the ship’s gun at the stranger should the need arise.
At least the man is human. There’s a weight off.
“Nice ship,” he says.
I glance at the rust bucket barely worthy of flying out of atmosphere, then back at whoever this idiot is who thinks he’s clever. This day is feeling long, but it’s barely mid-morning.
“Go away.” Sometimes having zero manners throws people off into actually listening.
“I want to see your registration number,” he says, hands behind his back like he’s comfortable. There’s nothing impressive about him. Tan skin like he’s spent plenty of time in the reflected sun of this ice planet, or maybe came here from somewhere with a better climate. Clothes a dirty red color, the cut of them a bit like a uniform of some sort. Maybe an official? For whatever that’s worth in a place like this.
The uniform doesn’t look warm enough for sub-zero temps.
“No,” I say, and go to step past him.
He steps in front of me. I look at his boots. Soft-toed. Easy to stomp on with the sharp metal on my own boot heels.
“I said I would like to see your registration number, cyborg.”
His expression is so passive I could almost think him some sort of robot. But he isn't. I can feel the heat off his skin and smell sour breath, even with it a puff of frost in the cold.
“I’d personally like to not get in a fight with you, whoever you are.” I say, and get the satisfaction of his eyebrows bunching in annoyance.
“I run security for this sector, and apparently you intimidated my records official into giving you a map.”
Calling that boy in the stuffy room an “official” of any kind is almost funny enough to make me smile.
“I didn’t intimidate, I asked. Try looking for officials with a little more spine if that bothers you.”
“I want your—”
“I don’t care. I’m not obligated to give it to you. Now, would you like to move, or shall I move you?”
Behind him, the ship hums to life. He starts a little, which would be funny if he didn’t start a little closer to me. I lock my muscles to keep from backing up. I look much, much more frightening than he does, than anyone does, really, even with my hood up. Something I need to remember.
It would be heaps easier if people didn’t think they could get up and personal with cyborgs just because most of them are programmed nice and mechanical by Amerov. Well, not nice, but stable enough they won’t fly into a rage because someone annoys them.
Everyone’s either getting as far from me as possible or right up in my face.
At least this idiot is sweating. It’s freezing to his hairline.
“Amerov regulations say any planet official can request—”
“Good thing for me I’m not part of Amerov’s regulations.”
“What the hell does that mean?”
“If you think really hard, it might come to you.”
He gives me a once over. I don’t have a uniform, though not every Amerov number has a uniform. With my hood up and gloves on, probably the only reason he knows I’m a cyborg is the kid I got the map from, or maybe the spare wires or ports visible on my neck or from behind my ears. The metal running down my jawbone might be visible.
Finally, slowly, he says, “You’re unregistered.”
When I was a teenager, the word would have bothered me. These days, it’s kinda funny. “There ya go.”
He does a weird twitching thing like he wants to back off but his pride is getting in the way. I can deal with getting close to him for a second.
Pulling back my hood, I lean forward and say, “Move.”
He steps sideways. Good. I didn’t want to touch him.
Stomping up the walkway, I mutter, “Go have a power trip on someone else.”
The airlock cycling through is a comforting hiss.
“I wanted to shoot him,” Bat says from the control panel. He still has his fish in one metal paw.
“Maybe next time.”
The engines are still warm and getting hotter, it isn’t taking long for the cabin to fill with heat now that they’re fired back up. I shrug off my coat, throw my gloves aside, and flop in the pilot’s seat. Out the viewport, I can still see the human hovering around the hanger. He doesn’t even look armed. What an idiot. Probably wanted a cut of the bounty. It’s not the first time that’s happened.
I hover the ship out of the hanger in case he decides to have the main door sealed.
Pulling a cord from a cubby hole in the control panel, I plug it into my arm and transfer over the map. The little chip near my wrist stores money and any private files I need. One good thing about being unregistered: I don’t actually have any private files someone might want to steal. Just money, even if it’s running low.
The chip in my arm is nothing like the chip in the back of most cyborg’s necks. I have the port back there along with all the other metal and wiring, but it’s empty.
Flicking through the shimmering blue hologram of the map, I probably could have left without it. It’s just a wavering red line pointing vaguely northwest of here. The map itself isn’t even large enough to cover much of anything outside this city. I have maps downloaded into my ship’s computer leaps and bounds more detailed.
At least it’s a direction.
And I’m here earlier than any Amerov cyborgs that may have been sent after this bounty.
“Aaron,” Bat says as the comm starts beeping softly.
It isn’t the alarm of someone trying to contact me (small blessings), but of something big coming our way. A swirling mass of blue shows up on the thermal map. Popping the hatch on the top of the ship, I stick my head out long enough to see a massive wall of storm heading our way. Dark clouds nearly solid and hints of lightning here and there. Off to the side, ships that were heading out to sea turn back to port. The giant door to the marketplace seals back up.
It probably won’t hurt our ship, but it’ll make finding another vessel a pain.
Any other hunter could show up if the storm causes a large enough delay.
Anyone from Amerov.
“You’re letting in the cold!” Bat claws at my pant leg.
I seal the hatch. Waiting it out won’t do us any good.
“Let’s go,” I say, flipping the autopilot off and blasting the ship out over the icy wasteland, following the little red line of our bounty.
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2021.12.02 13:34 MMyRRedditAAccount 1st Android 12L Developer Preview build available for Lenovo P12 Pro

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2021.12.02 13:34 PallySain Here ya go.

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2021.12.02 13:34 Davajita Cop shoots disabled shoplifter 9 times in the back, and...

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2021.12.02 13:34 the_fuck_corner What's the shittiest OSRS opinion you can think of?

That other thread was full of trash opinions so I want to see what happens when people actually try to think of bad ones they disagree with instead of unpopular ones they actually support
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2021.12.02 13:34 yungbenz_ Episode 518 - Hand Pies

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2021.12.02 13:34 naturepc Anthurium crystallinum x magnificum emergent leaf

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2021.12.02 13:34 SnowGryphon [TV] In Lost in Space S03E01 (2021), the keyboard in the Fortuna cockpit is a generic Chinese B033 folding Bluetooth keyboard.

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2021.12.02 13:34 dannylenwinn Ernesto Renteria of Chula Vista - Distributor of More than 100 Pounds of Fentanyl Sentenced to Almost Six Years in Prison "Had DEA not seized these deadly drugs prior to distribution, many Americans could have died from a fentanyl overdose."

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2021.12.02 13:34 RamblingOpposum I am trying to start volunteering as a Unit Commissioner, and communication from the District has halted. Any advice?

I recognize this is a busy time of year on the administrative side of scouting, but I have been working towards starting as an adult volunteer and communication has halted. I finished my YPT six weeks ago and paid membership fees to the District directly, yet I have received no additional information or emails.
Am I missing something obvious? Have I overlooked a "Unit Commissioner guide"?
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2021.12.02 13:34 Epicgrunt1 It's ruined

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2021.12.02 13:34 TimeToLoseIt16 Terre Haute Police responds to viral video of officer and dog encounter

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2021.12.02 13:34 Competitive-News-161 Moonbeam wallpaper by rishalmaruli_viktor#1571

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2021.12.02 13:34 fizik4 Surfmoon

SurfMoon is a travel-based redistribution token on Binance Smart Chain. Through utilising smart tax structures that rewards it’s holders and by building a strong community, we’re aiming to create a link between cryptocurrency, NFTs and the travel sector.
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2021.12.02 13:34 dragonssssssssss New per diem position

Hi everyone! I've accepted a per diem position for a psychiatric unit in a hospital and I'm quite nervous because I've never worked in a hospital before. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or any things I should keep in mind?
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2021.12.02 13:34 Trivium1493 The Chain Hangs Low in DBD #shorts

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